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So much cool stuff, so much less than cool

The Mercury Music Prize

First of all I think it’s a bit sad that this award belongs to Barclaycard.  That said tehre have been some great winners – Elbow and who could forget Pulp and Different Class.  This year it’s the XX.  Now what’s a 50+ bloke writing about modern music.  Well the answer is a little bit.  This is a truly beautiful album.  It’s an album that should be listened to through headphones (or speakers if you think you are not going to be disturbed).  I’d highly recommend that you also shut your eyes.  And if that wet’s your whistle, I’d also check out Mumford and Sons and the Foals album.  Signing off now to go and reacquaint myself with The XX.

Another Great Song

The iPod really is a wonderful thing.  You can make a playlist just like that.  You’re not restricted by the length of a CD or a tape.  You can make it in minutes.  But because of that I feel that the concept is in some way diminished.  For me part of the love of making a mixtape was how long it took to populate a C90 (always the best length for me).  There was a real permanence about it.  You could share it in a  way that you can’t with an ipod playlist.  That’s not to say the playlist doesn’t have a value these days, it’s just that it doesn’t take the same commitment as the good old mix tape.  And by the way I still have several from the 70s and 80s.  What would be my first song now –  FEAR by Ian Brown – they used a clip in Dancing on Ice this evening

Boys Don’t Cry

There have been many inspirational songs that have invaded my ears through the years.  A lot of the music that really excites me is the song that I’ve never heard before.  A lot of the songs I’ve heard and enjoyed in the past belong in the era which gave birth to them.  There are many songs by The Cure which excited me in the late 70’s and early 80’s and Boys Don’t Cry is one that still sends the chills up the back of my neck today.  I could remember most of the words still and tonight just before 8pm (to celebrate some NME award) Zane Lowe played the track.  Simply fantastic!!!