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Especially but exclusively dogs

Dog in Court!

So a good friend of mine has to go to court because her dog allegedly bit someone.  On the face of it a bit without evidence and without witnesses.  Now I’m all for prosecuting wrong doing but this is a barmy waste of tax payers money.  I know this dog, I see her five or six times a week and she is a mild mannered placid dog.  But because of one unsubstantiated complaint from a guy with a chip on his shoulder about something, this is going to court.  Not once but twice – the second time is because when it goes first time she will plead not guilty and because of this it gets referred to another court.  And we as taxpayers are paying for this.  In any kind of sensible world the dog warden (who has visited – no doubt at further cost) would have the jurisdiction to decide whether the dog proved any kind of threat and could deal with it appropriately.  Instead we get on this legal merry go round.  What a nonsense.

Walking in the Frosty Sun

When I proudly showed my new blog to Mel she had two comments.  The first was that the chap in the picture looked nothing like me.  Well that’s true but I’ll stick with it for the time.  The second is that my piece about the dogs neglected our own Chocolate lab Torla.  And she’s right, but it also says something about Torla, because she is so good to go out walking with.  Sure there’s the odd dog she’s none too keen on, but most of the time she ambles along faithfully in tow.  As she did this morning.  The sunshine in the frost was marvellous.  She sniffed and sometimes Maple sniffed, but then sometimes Maple bombed.  But Torla just plods along and knows how and when to avoid the bombing.  For me just seeing the sun and the fantastic light was enough, particularly now as I sit behind a desk looking at some trees which are back dropped by a now cloudy sky.  Roll on sunny days.

Walking The Dogs

I love walking the dogs.  Sometimes with three it can be stressful, but at other times seeing them interact and behaving like happy hounds is just so enjoyable.  Maple is funny.  She is 21 weeks and loves to bomb the other dogs – just like a puppy should be.  But now I see the beginnings of maturity.  She has moments of shared sniffing and then she walks nicely by your side before returning to the bombing.  There’s never an animosity – she is a lovely dog and the older dogs are really good with her.  Molly loves the hedgerows and likes to duck in and out of the hedgerows.  She never goes very far though and when I get to the park she looks for me to put her lead back on.  I’ll come back to the area of dogs and dogwalking again though because they are both close to my heart.