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Cricket and Lapdancers

So we have an England cricket team which has won two games in a row.  So we can forget about the six consequetive humblings at the hands of the Aussies now we are bestowed with success. I watched some of the game against Sri Lanka and had that sinking feeling that again we were going to let them off the hook from 17 for 4.  But the batters played as a team and got the result.  And at least that means that next time we won’t be watching waiting for an inevitable fall apart.  They might just win again.So apparently we have an X factor contestant  who supplements her income by lapdancing.  Does lapdancing somehow affect someone’s ability to sing.  What a nation of hypocrites we are.  It seems to me that we have developed a national pastime – encouraged by reality TV shows – of encouraging people to display their talents so that friends and journalists can sieve around for something to shoot these people down with.  I haven’t heard this girl sing, but I wish her good luck and just hope that as a nation we can mature to the point where this kind of revelation doesn’t come out.

What A Farce!

So we now have a cricket match in the West Indies that can’t take place because the outfield is unplayable.  What on earth has happened to this great game.  We have administrators worrying about advertising on pads but they can’t seem to get a match played on a playable pitch.  It all comes down to getting the basics right first, and if you can’t get that right don’t bother about those seemingly trifling niceties.  This is a frighteningly similar scenario to that which we see in business.  We have a country full of failed banks, who seem to have concentrated on becoming salesmen (especially insurance) but have lost sight on being able to do what they are supposed to do i.e banking.