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Solent Business Growth Network

So the show was definitely a success.  There was a lot of interest in our consortium offering.  And let’s face it – having a single point of access to most of the business services a developing business may need is a good thing.  And to take that a step further each of the members of SBGN can rely on the trust that fellow members know intimately the quality of work that other members deliver.   For me I have worked closest with David vane at 247virtual.  David is committed to sharing his knowledge to improve productivity for all.  I have also been on the receiving end of one of Steve Jones of Skills for Business motivation sessions.  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from some work with Steve. To check out who is involved in Solent Business Growth Network visit

Business South 2009

So we all got together for our stint at Business South 2009, where our network group Solent Business Growth Network(SBGN) has been exhibiting.  I’m just off to the second day, although I’m only there for the morning.  I’m there as a founder member of the Network through my company dnj solutions.  Yesterday we saw a lot of people interested in the services we provide and also very interested in the concept of cohesive collaborative working.  If you click through to the dnj solutions site you will find details of all the services on offer.

Does The Government Help

So on Monday 23rd February the Government Cabinet came to Southampton.  Does this help the local economy?  I’m not sure about this, but it certainly helps to raise the area’s profile, albeit I feel temporarily.  They also have put some information up on the SEEDA website about what’s going on in the South East.  There is some good news on investment for high growth companies but how much of it actually filters through remains to be seen.  Me, I’m off to get into peak condition so that I have the stamina to plough through all the reading necessary to understand the process!

What A Farce!

So we now have a cricket match in the West Indies that can’t take place because the outfield is unplayable.  What on earth has happened to this great game.  We have administrators worrying about advertising on pads but they can’t seem to get a match played on a playable pitch.  It all comes down to getting the basics right first, and if you can’t get that right don’t bother about those seemingly trifling niceties.  This is a frighteningly similar scenario to that which we see in business.  We have a country full of failed banks, who seem to have concentrated on becoming salesmen (especially insurance) but have lost sight on being able to do what they are supposed to do i.e banking.  

The Dubious Benefits of Email

Be careful who you copy in on your “fun” emails.  I was with a colleague recently who had received an email by accident.  It was in a foreign language and all the other recipients had names in that same language.  But my curious colleague scrolled through to find an “amusing” image of part of a charming naked lady.  Now it would be easy to see how some people may be offended by this, particularly as the guy from overseas was looking to tie up a deal with my colleague.  So my colleague sent a polite reply back suggesting that he might be a bit more careful when sending such material out in the future.  And the guy replied with profuse apology.  So everyone was happy and the situation was sorted.  Yes it was, but when looking at the trail of this my colleague replied with the picture still embedded into the email, and when the guy replied there it was still embedded at the bottom of the email.  No problem in this case but it’s easy to see how this could go horribly wrong and how by not being careful when replying you can perpetrate the problem. My advice –  by all means leave the preceding correspondence in an email if it’s relevant, but if it’s not, just get rid of it.  And just be careful about who you are copying in on your emails.