Silk Mill in a Spin

Silk MillI read with interest the goings on from the Silk Mill from This Is Hampshire and thought “what a mess”.  So there has been secrecy around the appointment of three new trustees and the removal of three others.  And then to complicate matters the three new trustees receive a letter from the manager of the mill advising them that they are not actually trustees!

To me it all seems a bit of a soap opera and somebody needs to grab the bull by the horns. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity doesn’t seem applicable in this case.  For me this is an attraction, virtually on my doorstep that I have missed visiting.  I must admit that this adds to the intrigue.

Judge for yourself by reading the This is Hampshire story.  Or alternatively just take a look at the Silk Mill website where there is no mention of this whatsoever – but there are some nice pictures of the Mill itself.

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