A New Site for dnj solutions

 dnj solutions logo

So finally I have rewritten the dnj website.   Like many things in life I would have achieved this a lot quicker if I’d have procrastinated less and wrote more.  But hey, that’s water under the bridge now and I feel that the effort was well worth it.

I have slimmed down the site and focused on viewers finding out what dnj does, what experience supports this and oh yes, there’s a bit more about me on there. I think a lot of us find it easier to coach and constructively criticize others in this kind of development process but then struggle to apply the same level of self criticism to their own work.  Well finally I have jumped over all these hoops, I’ve slalomed through the procrastination course and the result is www.dnj-solutions.co.uk.  I’d be very interested to know what you think and see whether I’ve achieved the goals of explaining the expertise, the services available to business and the benefits of doing so.

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