Who makes money from Conferences?

Now I went to an event in Manchester recently put on by a government body –travelled up the day before.  I’m doing my bit to try and keep up with new regulation.  This is a two day event and the average day rate is over £300 per day.  So for the 200 plus folk there, I’m calculating the revenues were over £120k.  Assuming it costs around £50 per person per day to host the conference; that makes a total cost of £20k.  The rest of the revenue (around £100k) must therefore cover the other expenses of putting on the event.  Let’s say there are 20 government reps there each day.  That gives budget of £2500 per rep.  That seems a lot to me.  I booked the Premier Inn (with dinner less than £100) and went by train (again under£100).  Am I missing something here, or is my charge for attending subsiding some other aspect of their operation.

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