Regulation – we can’t live without it – even if we want to!

It seems to me like the unwritten agenda these days is to get Government paid for by back door taxes.  So now we have a Fire Brigade who have to behave like a Police Force.  Businesses can no longer rely on the Fire Service for advice on how to make their businesses comply with the law.  It is our job to do that and ensure safety.  Now who is the expert here.  I do possess a modicum of common sense, but in case I should fall foul in some way I can now rely on the Fire Service to come in and fine me.  And after all as a business that’s the only service I’m going to get from the Fire Service.

And if I need to call a policeman I rest happily in the reassurance that if he is arriving on his bike he now has a 93 page manual to tell him how to ride it.  Now I haven’t read this document first hand but my sources tell me it contains such nuggets as advice to not apprehend a suspect whilst still on the bike.

Within medicine we have similar situations.  Now don’t get me wrong.  As a society we need to make sure that our medicines are safe and we are not letting criminals into our supply chains.  But how are we doing this – ever more regulation.  And as a company we have to pay more to be ever more regulated.  This regulation creep is destroying competitiveness.  It’s no longer important that you know what you are doing.  It’s more important to be able to explain that you have a written procedure for it and that come the revolution you can prove that you have covered your own backside.

As far as I’m concerned the net result of all this regulation is leading us to a society where the state will regulate every aspect of our daily life.  It’s also tax by stealth to finance yet more quangos.  As a country we are agonising as to how to compete with the emerging economies.  The plain truth is that we are bringing up a generation of kids who are actively discouraged from using initiative and common sense.  These days we need a procedure for everything.  Without common sense how is Britain ever going to be Great again?

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