Sainsbury’s sans Service

So Mel and I went out today and finished up in Sainsbury’s at Hatch Warren with a desire to top up the weekly shopping.  Now we had no problem in the shop – although the service was not as exceptional as Badger Farm when the assistant at the checkout overheard Mel say we may need crackers to go with our cheese and promptly ran off to fetch a selection for us to choose from.  On that occasion we left feeling valued and impressed by the level of service.

 Not so today in the Coffee Shop at Hatch Warren.  The jobs worth in charge of the cafe decided to pull down the electronic shutters just after 3.30 and leave all us punters to drink our teas and coffees in a dungeon like state. When I remonstrated with the jobs worth I was told she only had 20 minutes to the end of her shift and she had lots to do in that time.  Why she couldn’t leave this task for a further 15 minutes was beyond me – other than to encourage us to leave as soon as possible.  So my sugestion is don’t patronise Sainsbury’s Cafe at Hatch Warren.

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