Long Time Gone

So you get out of the habit of doing and then what do you know, months have passed by.  There’s no real reason for not doing it other than the habit of doing it has slipped off the radar.  The trouble for me is that no-one sends me an email reminding me to do it, so it’s then down to self discipline and an aging memory.  And that’s the most unreliable aspect.  My way to deal with this is to set myself a recurring task in my Todo list – in fact just in case I have put something in Outlook and also in my Todo list on the iPhone.The other areas which have kept me busy have been the development of Mel’s pet care business – Home or Away Petcare -in fact Jasper has been cuddled up as I type away. Business Development at The Dove Clinic and European Nutripharm have also made for interesting times.  Added to that is my ongoing role as vice chair of the FSB’s (Federation of Small Business) Southampton and District branch, (a short break there as the alarm clock which is Peter and Barney who seem to bark right on the nail of 6am every morning), my work on the current Mayor of Winchester’s Charities, and a bit of help with the South Wonston Youth Club.So back again soon

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