FSB Annual Conference 2008

My first Annual Conference – of any kind – and it’s very similar to what I imagine a political conference is.  There are people with really valid points to make and people with nothing to say who speak for the need to say anything.  So far I’ve said nothing and I think that by the time Conference closes tomorrow evening that’s likely to be the case still.  As a newcomer you are given a badge that identifies you as a conference virgin.  If I come again I’ll not get a blue band again and I may feel more confident of opening my mouth.  At least that way I’ll know the process and procedures.Today I’ve heard really good speeches from John Denham MP and Ken Clarke MP.  I’ve voted on motions on forming a national bank (defeated), one which was so memorable I’ve had to resort to my notes to remember what it was about (oh that’s right – it was on mortgage grants to inspire first time buyers) and curbing legislation on farming procedures (agreed).  People are very passionate and some turn up to speak and you are not sure (that they are not sure) whether they are for or against the motion.   More to come later. 

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