Another Great Song

The iPod really is a wonderful thing.  You can make a playlist just like that.  You’re not restricted by the length of a CD or a tape.  You can make it in minutes.  But because of that I feel that the concept is in some way diminished.  For me part of the love of making a mixtape was how long it took to populate a C90 (always the best length for me).  There was a real permanence about it.  You could share it in a  way that you can’t with an ipod playlist.  That’s not to say the playlist doesn’t have a value these days, it’s just that it doesn’t take the same commitment as the good old mix tape.  And by the way I still have several from the 70s and 80s.  What would be my first song now –  FEAR by Ian Brown – they used a clip in Dancing on Ice this evening

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