Dog in Court!

So a good friend of mine has to go to court because her dog allegedly bit someone.  On the face of it a bit without evidence and without witnesses.  Now I’m all for prosecuting wrong doing but this is a barmy waste of tax payers money.  I know this dog, I see her five or six times a week and she is a mild mannered placid dog.  But because of one unsubstantiated complaint from a guy with a chip on his shoulder about something, this is going to court.  Not once but twice – the second time is because when it goes first time she will plead not guilty and because of this it gets referred to another court.  And we as taxpayers are paying for this.  In any kind of sensible world the dog warden (who has visited – no doubt at further cost) would have the jurisdiction to decide whether the dog proved any kind of threat and could deal with it appropriately.  Instead we get on this legal merry go round.  What a nonsense.

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