Walking The Dogs

I love walking the dogs.  Sometimes with three it can be stressful, but at other times seeing them interact and behaving like happy hounds is just so enjoyable.  Maple is funny.  She is 21 weeks and loves to bomb the other dogs – just like a puppy should be.  But now I see the beginnings of maturity.  She has moments of shared sniffing and then she walks nicely by your side before returning to the bombing.  There’s never an animosity – she is a lovely dog and the older dogs are really good with her.  Molly loves the hedgerows and likes to duck in and out of the hedgerows.  She never goes very far though and when I get to the park she looks for me to put her lead back on.  I’ll come back to the area of dogs and dogwalking again though because they are both close to my heart.

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