Walking in the Frosty Sun

When I proudly showed my new blog to Mel she had two comments.  The first was that the chap in the picture looked nothing like me.  Well that’s true but I’ll stick with it for the time.  The second is that my piece about the dogs neglected our own Chocolate lab Torla.  And she’s right, but it also says something about Torla, because she is so good to go out walking with.  Sure there’s the odd dog she’s none too keen on, but most of the time she ambles along faithfully in tow.  As she did this morning.  The sunshine in the frost was marvellous.  She sniffed and sometimes Maple sniffed, but then sometimes Maple bombed.  But Torla just plods along and knows how and when to avoid the bombing.  For me just seeing the sun and the fantastic light was enough, particularly now as I sit behind a desk looking at some trees which are back dropped by a now cloudy sky.  Roll on sunny days.

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